Natural Home Spa

The origin of the word “spa” comes from the name of the famous mineral springs in Spa, Belgium. Since very old times, people around the world believed that water has physical and spiritual purification qualities. Bathing in a particular spring or water would cure illnesses and purify the soul. Various forms of ritual purification existed among the Native Americans, Aegean civilizations, ancient Egyptians and Romans. Some of the earliest descriptions of bathing practices came from Greece. Bathtubs, wash basins and foot baths formed the foundation for modern spa procedures.

There are numerous resorts and spa escapes available all over the world, but they can be very pricey. Let’s face it, not everyone can go to a luxury spa destination. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a small fortune to experience the benefits of the spa. You can create a natural home spa by using simple and very effective techniques.

Today’s modern life can leave no time to recharge your batteries, and taking care of yourself is the best way to help your body stay healthy. A natural spa will not only make you look lighter and brighter, it will also help you feel better, by balancing the moods, reducing the stress level and providing better sleep. A natural home spa day will satisfy your senses of smell and touch, and the result will be clearer skin, glossy hair, better body and better overall health.

Let me be your spa consultant and let’s have a wonderful home spa day! This website is a mini guide on how to create your own natural home spa, by using natural products easily accessible in your local supermarket, like fresh fruit, dairy products, fresh or dried herbs and essential oils. The spa procedures are listed as “steps” and they are not mandatory. If you don’t have enough time, do only your face or only your hair, whatever is easier for you. You will find a lot of home spa treatments and recipes to choose from. Some products might be hard to find in your local store; therefore I provided some links, so you can buy what you need with just a click. Be creative and organized, so make sure you click the Preparation button first!

How To Set Up Your Home Spa

Creating a natural home spa is a straightforward project. You can undertake this task and complete it in about a weekend’s time, provided all the preparation is done and purchases have been made. Planning ahead will allow you to stick to a budget and eliminate any surprises or missing items. Before the work on the natural body spa actually begins, you should first determine the location of the day spa. In an ideal situation an area of about 100 square feet would work but you could make an area as small as three feet by six feet into a mini spa version. A walk in closet near a bathroom could work, as it would provide easy access to some of the tools that might be used. A small nook off the bedroom could also work well, provided it is well enough away from the TV or other distractions.

Once the space has been determined, start by clearing out the area. The key element to a spa is that the space be relaxing. Remove all clutter, get rid of junk, piles of clothing, anything that isn’t spa-related. The walls should be cleaned and repainted, if necessary, so that they create a calming effect. Colors like pale blues, sea greens, lavenders and creams have a peaceful and calming effect on the body. Creating a theme using these colors is crucial to making the mood right. The floor should be washed and ideally should consist of a light colored tile or another hard surface that is easy to clean. Keep a mop handy but out of sight.

Lighting should also be considered. Overhead lighting is important but should have the ability to dim so that certain treatments can be done in a dim and calming light. Task lights or sconces could be installed on the wall or also purchased and set aside to place on tables or shelves. Natural lighting could add a relaxing element, but a darkening shade or curtain should be available for times the light needs to be subdued.

Storage is going to be a key factor in any natural home spa. You should purchase baskets, bins and other containers that are made of natural materials, which will complement the natural feel of the space. Linen totes are available at many department stores and make great storage space for towels and face clothes. If possible, install a shelving area where totes and baskets can be tucked away to keep them out of the main area. Organization and cleanliness are important in keeping with a soothing spa feel.

Towels and face clothes should be of very high quality for a natural home spa. Choose colors that work with the theme and consider picking up a variety of colors. Since some procedures use products that may stain, you may want to use colored towels during those procedures. Wash towels after every procedure and use natural detergent and fabric softener.

Nothing less than the fluffiest towels are acceptable at your beautiful home spa. And no spa day is complete without the right robe and slippers. The robe should be white and ultra-soft. Ideally it should be machine washable and made of cotton or some other natural material. Comfort matters most while treating yourself to the spa. Find lined slippers that are in the mule style to wear for facials and other upper body treatments. Have several pairs of comfortable flip-flops on hand to slide on after pedicures.

A spa cannot function without the elements necessary for the procedures and home spa treatments. At this stage figure out what types of home spa treatments will be done. If manicures and pedicures will be performed, pick up a foot-bath along with all the necessary natural products like sea salt, exfoliators, creams and scrubs. Clean tools should also be purchased along with some kind of natural but strong disinfectant liquid. Tools used in a spa need to be cleaned after each home spa treatment to prevent infection. Some other spa staples are neck wraps and eye masks. Neck wraps should be made of muslin or another natural material and should contain rice, beans or some other all-natural filler. These can be heated in the microwave and set around the neck to loosen muscles and relieve tension. Eye wraps can be set in the freezer ahead of treatments so that they have time to cool down.

Some popular natural body spa treatments include facials and scrubs. Using common kitchen ingredients, you can create a whole arsenal of products. A simple recipe for a body scrub consists of nothing more than olive oil, sugar and some type of rejuvenating scented oil. There are many foods that have beauty and health benefits. Avocado has a great oil in it that can improve the look and feel of skin. Cucumbers have long been used to reduce swelling and puffiness around the eye area. Oatmeal is known to reduce redness and itchiness associated with rashes on the skin. Mix and match ingredients to create products that are geared toward those issues and beauty goals that matter. Check out our homemade spa recipes.

The final stage of getting the spa day ready to go is creating the ambiance. Make sure that all electronics are removed or hidden from sight. Having a clock placed front and center in a spa is a big no-no. Playing calming music in the background can add an element of calm but just make sure the music is appropriate. Use a CD or MP3 player rather than a radio station so as not to have any talk or commercial interruption. Keep the tone and tempo of the music slow and steady. Fragrance is another important element of the natural home spa. The area should have traditional candles in scents that reflect a calming mood. Lavender, vanilla and sage are known to have calming effects. Essential oils should also be kept available to use with reeds or to add to treatments like the foot bath. Research the scents available to choose those that coincide with the mood that will be set. Enjoy your spa day!